Procrastination… in its glory

You may have noticed how long it has been since my last blog post. “Did she forget?” You may have asked yourself. “Does she really want a blog….. maybe she is just so super lazy”. Nope…. I am a world class productive procrastinator.

Here are some of the major things I  have done since my last post:

Super cleaned my apartment…Detailed my car…Worked many many shifts at St. Louis…Cleaned and organized my junk drawer…Started planning and researching my Christmas gift list (yep, that takes time)…Helped with the grand opening of Studio D (Category5)…AND thought long and hard about what my next blog post would be about.

Will I write about the joy I feel taking a bath in a freshly scrubbed tub after a long day at work? Or how great it is to look through precious things that are hidden among so much paper in a junk drawer? I badly need a post about how much I love being on I  also want to write about how my sisters are my best friends in life. Or I  could fill a page with the wacky and wonderful conversations I get to have daily as a server.  I have also thought about doing a post about chiropractic. And my favorite foods. There are so many little blog-thoughts in my head every day. Seriously…. I sort of have a constant blog-brain.

The truth is, if I didn’t feel the pressure and urgency to write in this blog then none of the other tasks would ever have been started, let alone finished. As I am doing something then I’m not being lazy, right? My inability to blog on a predictable schedule is not something I know how to change. I can’t explain why I think every single other task in my life has to be completed before I open my laptop (but I can tell you that I did clean for two hours and make homemade soup before I sat down today). All I can do is give you a little taste of the crazy productiveness behind my blog silence…. and ask you, do you do the same thing with your important tasks?

Talk to you soon (ish) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Procrastination… in its glory”

  1. Like an cool Apple product there is anticipation of what will be said.. I enjoy the show and the smile. I needed that while doing some reports. Your group made me a fan of O Canada.. 😉

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