Friday was a cold, windy, rainy, grey autumn day.  Days like this make people gloomy… even the beginning of the weekend wasn’t bringing happiness to the people walking into the restaurant! Everyone was so glum. Just as a sunny day adds a little skip to your step, a grey day can make even the most optimistic person a little “off”…. myself included. That said, my Friday shift started a little rough.

As the restaurant started filling up and people started ordering their meals I noticed the sky started turning that particular shade of grey that is generally the first sign a rainbow could be in the future.

I was on high alert.

I told everyone sitting in the dining room to keep one eye on the window…. good things were about to happen. More than one person looked like they could not care less.  Sometimes it can be so hard to get through to people!

Then…. a rainbow 🙂

All of a sudden, everyone was happy. No more “blah-ness”. The patio filled with people taking pictures on cell phones (the one above was snapped by Danny). Every man, woman and child inside was looking out the window at the sky. Every one of them was smiling, no, they were grinning. The room was filled with a childlike wonder. Such joy!

Rainbows make people feel for the moment the way I feel every day. Life is beautiful.

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