Gratefulness Challenge

One of my FB friends (Julie) challenged me to post three things I am grateful for every day for 5 days. I have decided to restructure her awesome challenge to list 15 things in one day (in a blog post). This is mostly because doing something consistently for five days in a row is a bit more of a challenge than I can commit to — but I do have a huge list of things I am grateful for, so I refuse to abandon the challenge completely. Here we go!!!

1) My Family

I have a big beautiful complex family. Some members have already passed, while others haven’t even been born yet. I have parents, siblings and cousins I know I can count on no matter what, it is this amazing sense of security that allows me the courage to take on some of life’s bigger challenges.  I’m lucky to have some of my best friends in life right in my family circle 🙂

2) My Boyfriend

Risking being crowned the Queen of Sap I will give you a glimpse into what is behind my constant daily smile. The man in my life is out of this world supportive, a great listener, affectionate, patient and adventurous.  His enthusiasm for life adventures is contagious and I know we will see many hidden corners of the Earth together. I’m grateful for every opportunity we get to spend time together. That is not all…. but I still have 13 things left to list, so I better move on!

3) My Job

Years ago I quit serving in search of a “real job”… only to return two years ago with a new found appreciation for the career path I have chosen.  My job is perfect for me. People come in looking for a meal, a drink, some conversation and a  place where they are seen and valued for the people they are. All I have to do is bring them something to eat and drink. There are times that is all they need, but sometimes its more. Sometimes it’s a couple who need someone to be equally as excited as they are to an engagement, a new baby, a new job. Sometimes it’s a woman who needs a hug after finding out her dad isn’t going to make it through the night. Other times it’s someone who wants to battle back and forth about something in the news…. or someone who needs to talk about nothing, but wants to feel like they are being listened to.  I am lucky to be a part of so many lives (and I get paid to be there).

4) My Health

 There is nothing to say here except I know without doubt that I am truly blessed to have physical, mental and emotional health in great condition. I will do all I can to make it remain that way.

5) My Country

Canada is a great place to live. I haven’t seen all of it (yet), but the places I have been have been breathtaking in the beauty of the people and geography. I have visited other great countries as well, and not to discredit their awesomeness…. but I think Canada is the best.

6) My Freedom

There are so many places where who I am and what I do would be heavily regulated or penalized. I have the freedom to be who I am freely without judgement… one day I hope to see a world where everyone can see that we are all equal.

7) Luxuries 

I often feel guilty about this one, but I am grateful for it nonetheless. I have a car, shop for food in a grocery store with an endless variety to suit any craving, shower daily in hot water, and sleep peacefully knowing I am safe. Not to mention the health care I receive. This is not the norm worldwide, and I am very thankful for the luxuries I have been allowed.

8) Coffee

Everyday I am grateful for coffee. It is part of a daily ritual for me that helps me take a moment first thing to gather my energy to face the day.

9) Music

I am known to rock out in my car on my way to work, to sing along with the radio at work and to listen to music loudly while cleaning. Something I’ve not done yet, but is on the list of things to do, is to go to a live orchestra. I want to sit in a room with hundreds of instruments and feel the sounds in the room as well as hearing them.

10) Flashmobs

I have never been in one, but there is something about watching flash mobs that makes me cry happy tears. Maybe it’s the co-operation of seemingly unrelated strangers that come together to create something beautiful, not for themselves, but for they people who they  don’t know around them

11) Struggles

I haven’t had a down and dirty horrible life, but I have seen my fair share of struggles. I am very grateful for the opportunity to get through to the other side, look back and know that I am a stronger person because of what I have experienced. I also realize that I  am likely not in the clear, that I will with no doubt see more strife, but I will hopefully be able to bring my lessons from the past with me to tackle any obstacles on my path to happiness.

12) My Nephews

So far I only have two (and no nieces yet either), but I am very happy to see the next generation in my family happy and thriving. Both amazing guys, one has just conquered the art of walking and the other is a grown 19 year old man who blows me away with his ability to debate moral issues 🙂 The world is a better place because of these two boys and I am looking forward to watching them grow.

13) Social Media

I am not very savvy (I don’t use any other platform except Facebook and now this blog), but I am happy there is a way for me to keep in the loop with people I don’t have the opportunity to talk to one on one. This includes many members of my family, so many friends and acquaintances. I know it’s not completely ideal, but it is a way I can keep in the lives of the people who may have otherwise just slipped away. Julie… thank you so much for this challenge, you are one of the people I am happy to still be in contact with, even if it’s just by FB)

14) Books

I love to lose myself in a great story. Roots, Chronicles of Narnia, The English Patient, Wuthering Heights, A Mutant Message from Down Under, The Shack, Life between Lives, The Little Prince, The Edible Woman, The Red Tent…. the list goes on and on. I repeat – this is not a complete list. I don’t even know who I would be without the joys and sorrows given to me by countless authors.

15) My Best Friends

Family.  These people in my life are actually my family. Maybe not by blood, but through life experiences and common ground. I have real earth angels around me, and I am fully aware of how lucky I am.  These amazing people have a way of making my soul sing.   Something important to note is that although these are listed 1-15 there is a 15 way tie for 1st. Writing this blog has put me in the happiest mental state. My suggestion to you, my awesome readers, is to make your own list… public or not. It feels so great to list so many positive things. Do it! I’m so glad I did 🙂

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  1. I am thankful for YOU my beautiful sister!!!!!!! The last 20km of my day I will be thinking of you and smiling the whole time! <3<3

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