Be Happy

I struggled to try and find the perfect topic for my blog.  I  just don’t know where to start, as the idea of having my words read freely by the on line universe is extraordinarily daunting. What is the one most important message I want you (the reader) to take with you?

Be Happy

Every day people ask me why I am always smiling. The truth is, I smile because life is amazing. There are so many small miracles in day to day life that I can’t help but walk around in constant wonder.

I can commit to you that I will share some of the miracles that I see day to day in this blog, I will stand on this little soap box to try and further your love for this crazy amazing planet we are on. I will shamelessly preach about keeping your eyes open to the beauty you are surrounded by,  even if the message is on a small used napkin lying on the top of a pile of garbage in the bin.

May your glass ever be half full 🙂

5 thoughts on “Be Happy”

  1. Just want to say good luck with your blog Sasha! I did have a personal website setup at (from using wordpress, but because it was a free domain they now want me to pay for it, well good luck anyway 🙂

  2. You are such an “Upbeat” person Sasha! A year from now you will wonder why you were nervous about blogging just like we all are about anything new we start. Best of luck and just be yourself. You make it interesting to read because of your personality. Big Hugs.

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