Category 5 and I

I have always loved volunteering… I have been finding ways to donate my time in different ways ever since I was a child. I strongly encourage everyone to find some way to pay forward the goodness done onto them, by doing great things for the people around them.

That said, I do have an admission. I am not always great at the things I volunteer doing. I can honestly tell you that I am horrible at some things I have tried doing (I spent some time at a recycling center… I can tell you that job is not for the faint of heart). So when Robbie (the host of Category 5 Technology TV) asked me to be a part of the show I thought I would do my best… and if I was horrible at it, no hard feelings! What can they really expect from someone with zero television experience?

Then I started the show as a co host. I was there on average once a month in a rotation with other super awesome co-hosts. Every single show I was super nervous and the only thing that worked to calm me down was the sweet reassurance of the viewers in the chatroom.  If it wasn’t for them I would never have made it through those first few episodes. Now I am there every single Tuesday. and each one I look forward to checking in with the viewers, the people there have become such a great part of my week, and I consider them all the closest of friends.

This is something I would consider no longer to be volunteer work….I get more every week than I give. I love being a part of the show (even though I am still not very good….especially last night, when I lost my place when reading a simple news story). I love knowing the stories of people from all over the world. I even love the discomfort of being live on air no matter how “on” I am feeling. Stepping out of my comfort zone is something to which I am becoming accustom. There has never been an episode where I haven’t made some ridiculous, humbling mistake. That said, there has never been an episode where the people in the chat room haven’t made me feel so important and special.

Category5 friends, I thank you for volunteering your time to watch every episode, it feels so nice to be a part of the international family that you have created.

Now, I just have to learn everything about computers so I can understand what you are all talking about with Robbie!  category5techtv