Lately I have been enchanted by the stories of life changing moments in people’s lives. I’m not talking about the epic, huge, global game changers… I’m talking about those quiet quick shifts that take you in a different direction personally. The ones you don’t see coming, and maybe don’t even know happened until years later you look back and imagine the “what ifs”.

The beauty of moments and people that change your course is that they can pop up anywhere at anytime. So on a day that otherwise seems humdrum and monotonous think about how you may be on the verge of the greatest event of your life…it may have already happened and you just haven’t noticed yet!

Sure, you could argue that I am not thinking logically, and just because something happens after an event does not mean it happened because of the event— but thinking about it my way is far more fun!

When you take a happy look back on experiences that seem unrelated, but were a participating factor in life… there really can be magic in any moment. Here are a couple of my great ones :

I met the love of my life directly due to his love for Mandarin Chicken Salad. If I wasn’t working on the patio that day…. I can’t imagine. Thankfully I was 🙂

I am a server/bartender because I am a horrible dishwasher. I was hired to wash dishes at Pizza Hut and immediately reassigned to a more suitable position.

I am a co-host of Category 5 because I took a job at a chiropractic clinic where I met Robbie (the host)… who encouraged me to jump out of my comfort zone and try live TV.

I traveled in Katimavik for a year (awesome experience), because the in school presentation about it was on my birthday…I applied on a whim not knowing anything about the program.

I am not a hairdresser only because the salon I worked for shut down the same week I hurt my wrist… so instead of applying to other salons I went to college (the timing was perfect to start the fall semester).

Life is such a fun and surprising adventure. I wonder what will happen today?